Downloadable Content

Name Description
Agile Distributed Teams A white paper about agile teams that are distributed
Agile Risk Management A white paper about managing risk in an agile team
Agile Six's SAFe Services Agile Six is a SAI Bronze Partner (Scaled Agile Framework)
Agile Procurement Ideas A white paper discussion on agile program procurement
Capabilities A PowerPoint presentation about Agile Six's capabilities
Capabilities Statement Agile Six's capabilities statement
Gamified Learning A white paper about gamifying learning
Human Centered Design A PowerPoint presentation about why human centered design is important
Infrastructure4Veterans Word Document on an open proposal we developed
Infrastructure4VeteransPPT Power Point presentation on an open proposal we developed
VA Lighthouse API RFI Response Our public RFI response to the VA's Lighthouse API RFI
Lighthouse 2nd RFI Our 2nd public RFI response to the VA's 2nd Lighthouse API RFI
The Agile Ecosystem Are you stuck in an Agile transformation going nowhere or looking to start one? Our white paper on the Agile Ecosystem may help.