We make digital transformation achievable.

Better systems for government. Better outcomes for citizens.

Agile Six works with government agencies to create customized digital solutions that meet the needs of their users, both staff and citizens. The end goal? Digital products that are as powerful and easy to use as the apps on your phone.

Changing government systems and processes can be tough. Agile Six can help. We’ll meet you where you are, then get you where you want to go.

Digital transformation, start to finish

Our team can guide you on every step — procuring the tools you need, helping you adopt Agile workflows, building your system, and teaching you how to master it.

Pioneering work in civic tech

Agile Six is the founder and a charter member of the Digital Services Coalition, a group of design and technology firms that have helped transform government and improve the lives of citizens.

Product development and devops

Our team figures out the right thing to build and builds it the right way. Our approach improves performance and scalability with cloud-based environments that employ CI/CD best practices.

Tools that work for real people

We’re dedicated to human-centered design and build digital tools anyone can use. We keep the user at the center of every step of our work, building, testing, revising, testing, and revising again.
We’re proud of our work

Our team has helped clients like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Department of Veterans Affairs revolutionize their digital services.

CCSQ Agile Coaching and Digital Transformation

Empowering the delivery of agile outcomes at scale

Diffusion Marketplace

Helping the VA share best practices to save lives

VA.gov Modernization

Creating a better digital experience for veterans — and VA staff

Digital Services Coalition

Building a dynamic government that improves the lives of everyday people.
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