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Unveiling Self-Management at Agile Six

Do you think working in a fully remote, self-managed environment means you're on your own? Think again. In the dynamic landscape of remote workplaces, self-management has emerged as a foundational element for fostering collaboration, autonomy, and innovation. At Agile Six, self-management isn't merely a concept; it's a core value that shapes our culture and drives our success.

How We Navigate Challenges in Government Contracting: Insights from Agile Six

In the realm of government contracting, where uncertainty is the norm and challenges abound, the journey can be as trying as it is rewarding. At Agile Six, our people-first approach, values-driven culture, and pursuit of purposeful work are instrumental in navigating the ever-shifting landscape of civic tech. I had the opportunity to speak with Dan Levenson, President of Agile Six, and Software Engineer Tanner Heffner. From those conversations, I gained valuable insights into their experiences and perspectives that have shaped the story shared in this article.

Strategies for Resilience

Government contracting presents an unpredictable and complex landscape. Dan Levenson, President of Agile Six, joins us to discuss the strategies for resilience and navigating these challenges. From grappling with bureaucratic hurdles to the rewards of impactful, purposeful work, our conversation uncovers the realities of working in this space and the innovative approaches Agile Six takes to navigate it. We'll explore how its unique culture and people-first approach set it apart in the realm of civic tech.

Sixer Spotlight with Tanner Heffner

In today's Sixer Spotlight features software engineer Tanner Heffner. In this episode, Tanner engages in a candid conversation with us about his journey into civic tech and the challenges and experiences he's faced in this unpredictable landscape, including his departure and subsequent return to Agile Six. We'll dive deep into the significance of values in this space and explore why Tanner considers Agile Six's culture, which is rooted in self-management and trust, to be the secret sauce. Join us as we uncover the valuable lessons and perspectives Tanner brings to the table on the value of trust in navigating the challenges of government contracting.

Enhancing Veteran Experiences

Today, we're going behind the scenes to learn how Agile Six is improving the lives of Veterans and their families through innovative solutions and our meaningful partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Discover how we're making a difference by putting Veterans first as we explore the work, stories, initiatives, and values that drive this commitment to service. To kick things off, our CEO and founder Robert Rasmussen will share his insights into what fuels this dedication.

Sixer Spotlight with Jill Adams

Curious about what lies beyond the realm of big tech? Today's Sixer Spotlight features Jill Adams, a delivery manager at Agile Six, who found more than a new career path when she moved from prioritizing stockholders to empowering stakeholders. Discover how Jill's work with the Department of Veterans Affairs is making an impact, and learn about her journey from Amazon to Civic Tech, including the surprises and fulfillment that came along with it. Jill shares how ending up in Big Tech was a veer off of her path of wanting to help people, and coming to Civic Tech felt like returning to a more values-based fit for her. We'll have a frank conversation about finances, values, and the profound sense of reclaiming one’s purpose in work that genuinely makes a difference. Join us as Jill unfolds her Values-Driven Path to Civic Tech.

Sixer Spotlight with Anneliese LaTempa

In today's Sixer Spotlight, we're diving into a heartfelt conversation about resilience, personal growth, and the profound impact of community and culture in the workplace. Meet Anneliese LaTempa. Together, we'll explore her experiences, from overcoming cancer to her return to civic tech, highlighting the significance of support and meaningful work. It's a story of determination, community, and unwavering purpose, making this spotlight truly special. Join us as we explore Anneliese's world, where, amid numerous life happenings, she stands strong, unwavering, and yielding to nothing.

Founder Spotlight with Robert Rasmussen Part 2

In our previous episode, we uncovered the journey and vision, revealing the story of how it all began—make sure to take a listen or read it if you haven't. Today, the story continues with immersing ourselves in Robert's journey and the heart of cultivating an authentic workplace culture, driven by values and the collective pursuit of purpose. Discover how the power of 'we' authentically unfolds to create a better place to work.

Founder Spotlight with Robert Rasmussen

Our Sixer Founder Spotlight kicks off with an inside look into the heart of Agile Six's story – its roots, vision, and narrative – with the CEO and Founder, Robert Rasmussen. This interview is the first of a two-part series exploring Robert's personal journey and the authentic path he navigated to build a better workplace and establish a purpose-driven company.

Sixer Spotlight with Aaron Ponce

Curious about the world of engineering in Civic Tech and its impact on people's lives? Today's Sixer Spotlight features Aaron Ponce, a software engineer at Agile Six who is making a remarkable difference in this space. Join us as we explore Aaron's unconventional path from artist to engineer and discover how his work with the VA is impacting the lives of Veterans. We'll discuss the challenges, rewards, and significant experiences of engineering in the government contracting space, where technology intersects with the public sector. But our conversation won't end there. We'll also shed light on the realities of working in Civic Tech, where patience, process, purpose, and trust converge to drive innovation.

Sixer Spotlight with Michelle Johnson

Have you ever wondered how active listening and embracing wholeness can transform the workplace? Well, today's Sixer Spotlight is all about that, and I'm excited to introduce you to Michelle Johnson. She'll take us on her journey to Agile Six and discuss her pivotal role in the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services' Quality Payment Program. Michelle discusses the power of active listening and the impact that embracing wholeness has in the workplace. When she talks about Agile Six, she doesn't refer to it as a workplace but as home, a company deeply committed to its purpose and values. Join us as we uncover the transformative potential of active listening and embracing wholeness, and explore how these practices can create a work environment where we can truly thrive.

Partner Spotlight with Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky

Health equity is a fundamental goal of healthcare policy, and achieving it requires significant policy changes that address the underlying social determinants of health. In this interview, and our first Agile Six Partner Spotlight, we talk with Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky, a physician and healthcare policy expert who formerly served as Chief Medical Officer of the US Medicaid program. Andrey shares insights from his partnership with Agile Six and the American Board of Family Medicine Foundation on payment and social risk factors in healthcare. He explains how the workshops they conducted have led to actionable policy changes at various levels. Join us as we explore the path from workshops to policy change and the evolving landscape of healthcare equity.

Sixer Spotlight with Arabella Crawford

Curious about how a purpose-driven culture of trust can empower individuals to achieve outcomes that create real change? Join us for today's Sixer Spotlight with Arabella Crawford, where she shares her journey at Agile Six and how a people-first culture enabled her to bring her true self to work and excel in her role supporting CMS's modernization efforts. She speaks candidly about the importance of being seen, heard, and valued in the workplace and her unique problem-solving approach using human-centered design. Let’s learn how she achieved outcomes that created real impact through a culture based on shared principles.

Sixer Spotlight with Josh Quagliaroli

Have you ever wondered how putting purpose and people first drives growth? In this Sixer Spotlight, we’ll sit down with Josh Quagliaroli, the Chief Growth Officer at Agile Six. He’ll share his unique perspective on how their non-traditional approach challenges the traditional business development mindset. Join us as we learn about Josh's journey to Agile Six and discover how purpose and a people-first approach are at the forefront of creating better outcomes.

Sixer Spotlight with Dotti Cummings

Dotti Cummings, a pioneer and true leader in the Agile coaching industry, continues to leave her mark on the growth of individuals, teams, and organizations. With nearly two decades of experience in Agile practices, she continues to advance the development of self-managed and self-organized teams. Let's learn about her journey to Agile Six and find out how she is unlocking the potential of Agile and building trust-centered teams by putting people first. Her wins may be quiet, but they are impactful as she creates a better work environment where people and teams thrive.

Sixer Spotlight with Berni Xiong

After years of working in the corporate space, Berni Xiong shares her journey to finding purpose and a people-first culture that prioritizes wellness in the workplace. First, we'll learn why she has moved away from the hustle culture ideology. Then, we will explore the importance of health and well-being in business, along with the benefits of a culture that values and supports people. Join us as we learn about her venture to Agile Six, and the insights and successes she has had along the way.

Sixer Spotlight with Kiel McLaughlin

After a decade of working in the government contracting space, Kiel McLaughlin gets candid about what it’s like working in government, how he’s motivated by purpose, and how coming to Agile Six turned on the care and the commitment to meaningful work. Let’s find out why he’s planting his roots here and learn about his journey to Agile Six.

Sixer Spotlight with Edmund Dunn

After 20 years of active duty service in the US Army as a Russian linguist and intelligence analyst, Edmund Dunn, a service-disabled Veteran, shares his journey to the civilian and tech world. Let’s find out how he now helps Veterans transition into tech and learn about the importance of his work as a Drupal Engineer at Agile Six.

Sixer Spotlight with Athena Bozak

After four years of active duty service in the U.S Air Force, Athena Bozak shares her journey to Agile Six, how she transitioned into the tech world, found wholeness, learned self-management, and found a place where she continues to support Veterans through the impactful work she is doing in user experience research.

A Veterans Day Message from Agile Six CEO Robert Rasmussen

On this Veterans Day, I would like to thank all my fellow Veterans for the blank checks they wrote: for following orders, for safeguarding our homeland while being homesick, for missed holidays and family events, and for the many injuries they now endure as a result. I also want to thank their families and friends who missed them then and care for them now. And because no level of gratitude would ever be enough, at Agile Six we’ll be doing the hard work to ensure that our country truly leaves no Veteran behind. Click for full message.

Sixer Spotlight With Rakshinda Aslam

After a decade of working in the corporate world, Rakshinda Aslam shares her journey to finding purposeful work and work-life balance. Find out how Agile Six’s commitment to self-management and personal wholeness sparked her interest and how this career move has changed her life.

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