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At Agile Six, we’re about purpose over profit. We believe in our people—that they are most capable of self-managing and making decisions within their daily lives.

We’ve always believed you can put humans and integrity first, and you can also have a thriving business.

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We’re committed to our employees by building in these non-negotiables:

Purposeful work

We only support a project if we’re all-in. This has led us to support missions like pandemic readiness at the CDC, improving veteran-facing services at the VA, and modernizing the Medicare payment systems at CMS.

Part of the solution

We’ll never sell out for a quick profit, and have built our company based on relationships and organic growth rather than a predatory capture mindset that’s the status quo for most of the industry.

Putting wholeness and wellbeing first

We don't glorify working or answering emails on vacation, late at night, or on the weekends. We trust you to make decisions that help you do your job, be fulfilled and whole.

No middle management

We provide coaching, training, professional and personal development, and other support to teams. We empower our employees to make decisions at a level where the information resides.

Incentivize behaviors that align with our Just Cause and integrity

We intentionally build structures that incentivize behaviors aligning with our Just Cause and integrity. For us to win, the Government, users and taxpayers must also win.

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