We’ve got your six. (That’s a military term for “we got your back.”)

“We’ve got your six” has been a guiding principle for our team members since the start. Our founder Robert Rasmussen picked it up during his service in the U.S. Navy, and it’s reflected right there in our name.

At Agile Six, we take the one-team approach seriously. No strict hierarchies, no jockeying for status. We’re equally dedicated to the work and to each other.

Meet the team

Germaine Irwin


Ann Aly, PhD


Joshua Drumm


Tony Arashiro


Alex Seelig


Athena Bozak


Aurora Hampton


Brad Johnson


Charles Rearick


Daniel Miller


Dorothy Cummings

Director of Coaching

Elijah Lynn


Eva Floyd


Howard Brande


Jeffrey Brauer

VP of Delivery

Josh Quagliaroli

VP of Strategic Operations

Lapedra Tolson


Michael Brown


Michelle Johnson


Sandra Yune


Andrew Wilke, MD

Chief Experience Officer

Brian Derfer

Chief Technology Officer

Edward Teeple

Chief Information Security Officer

Dan Levenson

Chief Strategy Officer

Ernie Ramirez

Co-Founder & COO

Robert Rasmussen

Co-Founder & CEO
Join our team

Agile Six has offices in San Diego, CA, Washington, DC, and Baltimore, MD, but most of our staff is remote. That allows our employees a better work-life balance, and offers us the best talent from across the country.

Why work with us? Because you’ll:

Do meaningful work

We’re deliberate about every project we take on. If we’re not passionate about it or it doesn’t align with our values, we won’t do it.

Be part of something big

Agile Six is an important player in the larger civic tech community. We’re united by a belief in helping government serve citizens better.

Get the freedom to do your thing

People do their best work when they’re challenged with projects that matter and given the ownership to find the solution.

Teach us something new

We hire from across different sectors of the industry because fresh perspectives make our work better. Every one of us, from our newest hire to our founders, is both a student and a teacher.

Create the job you want

For a start, we offer flexible schedules, paid personal time off, profit sharing, and financial help with career development and certifications.

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